Flying First Class with Janel, Abandoned Illinois.

Every once in awhile, you learn about something truly epic and a few weeks back, that knowledge bomb was dropped on Janel and me. What did it mean? All we knew was we needed to head to the suburbs of Chicago to explore an abandoned plane.

There is a British Aircraft Corporation BAC-111 plane, with a wing removed, left exposed to mother nature and the occasional graffiti artist on the grounds of someone’s former business and I’m not quite sure why. Research shows that the plane was in service from 1965 to 2003, with nearly 20,000 hours of flight, but around 2010, it was purchased and brought to the Chicagoland area. Its final resting spot was fairly extravagant, at least at one point, but now, it’s overgrown and falling apart. For us, that makes for a better for a photoshoot and with that said, enjoy the pics!

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