Italy or Indiana? You decide with Michaela Orme

Having just seen a variety of portraits from the San Benedetto del Tronto countryside, I was envious of what luck Italians have to be surrounded by gorgeous scenery.

Shortly thereafter, on a random drive in rural Indiana, I realized just how beautiful our wheat fields were this time of year. Perhaps I had nothing to be envious of and some of the most beautiful land in the world was right here, under my nose.

Moving as quickly as I could to take advantage of the fields before harvest, I reached out to @michaela_ormeee to work on a concept and location to shoot. As luck would have it, she had a beautiful field right across from her family farm. Life can be serendipitous sometimes.

Without further ado, please enjoy this series of photos captured with a phenomenal person, at a phenomenal location, with a phenomenal, if not a little stubborn, horse.

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