Loads of Fun and other Laundromat Puns

Finding amazing models and unique photo locations is sometimes as simple as asking. On the Instagram, I follow a few Indiana specific hashtags and I stumbled on Angie Miller, @birdgerhl_, a stunning yoga instructor from Studio You Yoga, where she practices in Greenwood, IN. I struck up a conversation and next thing I know, we were planning a photoshoot, along with my usual partner in crime, Morgan Joy Woodard.

For me, being creative means rare shoots. Angie, with her incredible talent, most certainly defines rare, but our Indiana winter meant my usual, abandoned themed shots wouldn’t work if we wanted to maximize her strength and flexibility. I had to find an indoor venue that would have a fun aesthetic and what better place than a laundromat!

A few days later and a trip south landed me at the Laundry Stop & Tropical Tan in Greenwood and the amazing manager welcomed the idea of a photoshoot immediately! As someone who is pretty shy and reserved, I couldn’t imagine finding a new model and location so easily, yet a few friendly conversations later had landed one of the coolest experiences I would later have.

If you stuck around through the introduction, thanks, I’m glad you didn’t throw in the towel… that was a terrible joke. Enjoy the pictures and if you’re interested in your own unique shoot, reach out to contact@dpo.photos.

Angie’s ability to hold these incredible poses was stunning. It was hard to remember to keep shooting, rather than standing, mouth agape, in amazement.

While thoroughly impressed with Angie’s athleticism, her personality shined through as well. We amused ourselves with a “normal” modeling session, literally climbing all over every prop we had on hand. On a side note, it didn’t hurt that she’s a beauty as well!

Thanks again for spending a little bit of your time with us!

Morgan Joy – BONUS

Here are a few of my favorite shots by Morgan Joy Woodard, @morganjoyphotography!

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