Aubrey Johnson Seniors – Part Deux

If you’ve been following along with my blog, you may have noticed some foreshadowing at the end of my previous article. I had spent the day with Aubrey Johnson, taking some great photos of her at unique locations, but they were almost exclusively done indoors. We could see in the forecast that good weather was on its way, so a decision was made, a second session was in order.

Blue skies, warm weather and Aubrey making the trip to Lafayette afforded me luxuries we didn’t previously have. The last was critically important, as I knew the locations we would shoot at and I knew some would surprise her. To start, we walked around beautiful downtown Lafayette, using some spots I’d previously scouted but of course, we improvised along the way.

Aubrey had an affinity for 90s clothing and Coca-Cola, which just so happened to work perfectly with a classic Coca-Cola advertisement painted on a wall near Main St.

Next, we made the trip south of town to an antique car lover’s heaven I had spotted on a trip coming back from Indy. I stopped by earlier to talk with the owner of the vehicles and he gave us carte blanche to explore and use whatever vehicles we wanted as back drops. As Aubrey admired the views, I noticed a tear come to her eye when looking at some of the classics. Mission accomplished.

Lastly, we made the trip back to my yard for a fun way to finish the day. I’ll let the pictures do the talking but I think it perfectly summed up how I felt about spending time creating this truly epic senior shoot!

Until next time!

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