Aletta Bridal Wedding Dress Shoot

Lafayette photographer, Rachel Sitarz from Bohemian Lights Photography, was kind enough to invite me to head to Chicago for styled shoot with Aletta Bridal. I am not a wedding photographer but the chance to spend the day shooting models in an urban environment was too good to pass up. As luck would have it, a few extra models were needed which meant I could spend the day with Helen Mills and Janel Wenger, a dream come true.

Upon arriving, I met model Melissa Fell and learned that founder of Aletta Bridal, Alet Mokodanski would be modeling as well. Hair styles were done by @captivatingstylesbylaura and Hung Dao. Makeup by David René, decor by @cocoandcoluxeevent, flowers by @21petalsflowerfarm and videography by Amanda Gecewicz.

With the dream team assembled, we started with photos at the stunning Bridgeport Art Centre and then worked our way downtown. Without further ado, here are the photos!

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