Senior Portraits-

I’m going to be honest, I love taking senior portraits. The creativity, the freedom to try new ideas and even just trying to outdo the other seniors. It’s all right up my alley and I want to work with those seniors that have the ambition to create some amazing photos.

Our basic session fee is $350 for the following:
1-2 hour session, up to 3 outfits, approx. 50 edited images and $50 credit for prints.

If you want to go bigger, let me know and I can do a more customized shoot. I have epic locations on hand that can be utilized if you’re game!

Real Estate Photography-

Doing a for sale by owner and need some better images? Are you a real estate agent looking to have your properties stand out from the rest? We can help up your game with our standard and drone photography all done for a simple rate.

Pricing is the list price of your home multiplied by .002.

For example, a $200,000 home, multiplied by .002, would be $400. Simple!

Event, Small Business and Custom Shoot Photography-

Pricing for events, small businesses and custom portrait shoots are all based on time on site, editing, as well as the number of photographers needed. Anyone looking for more info, please contact us at or give us a call or text at 765-205-1986. We are easy to talk to and can accommodate for your particular shoot as needed!